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Andrew Mayne

Andrew's first gig was in 1974 with school band "The good decision" at Chesham's Belmont Club. It was there that he was invited to join the popular function and club band Heart and Soul and where he remained as vocalist and keyboard player for many years.

"We were invited to work with cabaret artistes throughout that time including Kelly Marie who, a while later, had a chart hit with Feels Like I'm in Love.
As a tenor sax player I was privileged to play with a number of bands including a big band fronted by the Band Leader Eddie Curtis".
Andrew met up with Andrew Aylett and Andy Bunker three years ago were joined by lead vocalist Hayley and it became clear that the re-formed band, The Climb, would be something special. "It has been great working with such a talented group of musicians and enjoying it too. I have promised for some time that I will pick up the tenor again to add some sax appeal to The Climb. That time is approaching - honestly!"

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