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Andy's ‘musical career’ started when he began to learn the violin in the 70’s Soon realising that this required talent he switched to percussion, where he played in the local Youth Orchestra and in the pits for various musicals. Percussion in the orchestra soon progressed to playing drums in his first rock band, Deadly Poison. He also played regular gigs in the Mark/Andy Duo, allowing him to develop a different style of drumming, but he also made enough money to learn to drive!

For a totally different musical experience he joined local High Wycombe punk band The Xtraverts, recording a number of singles and featuring in Danny Baker's 20th Century Box and John Peel's radio show. During University Andy played in bands including The Xcited, Cherry Black Dawn and Ollie Goes to Falconwood and after this he joined progressive rock band Casual Affair.  Twelve minute songs, changes in time signature and syncopated rhythms were a challenge but hugely enjoyable and invaluable experience. At this time, Andy also undertook a Diploma in Sound Engineering. In spite of this he's not allowed anywhere near the mixing desk! In 2018 he joined Andrew Aylett in Nightjars, which later became The Climb.

"In my time playing a variety of musical styles and various musicians I have come to realise that it is not about the individual talent of the band members, although this helps, but the sum of the parts. It is a team approach and I believe you will see this in The Climb". Spot on Andy.

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